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Brian Bibi is a Transformational Coach & Spiritual Mentor working with entrepreneurs and professionals, to uplift their emotional resilience, spiritual intelligence and ignite their infinite potential.
Do you have big dreams yet are held back by fears & limitations?
Do you want to transition into a new career, improve your relationships, or seek a higher sense of purpose in life?
Are you a leader, an entrepreneur, or a creative who wants to get the most out of your skills & talents yet can’t seem to find your flow?
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Mindstate Services


IP Mindset Coaching focuses on bringing out your infinite potential (IP), by envisioning your highest future and bridging the gap from where you are and where you want to be. Coaching supports personal & professional growth, based on self-initiated change & action. A coaching relationship emphasises action, accountability & follow-through, that get you concrete results.

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Spiritual Mentoring brings you the best of the world’s ‘ancient wisdom & modern science’, along with Brian’s unique multidimensional experience to provide customised, transformational guidance & intuitive insight, you can act on. Let’s customise a plan together, so you can achieve all that you strive to become.

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The scientific benefits of meditation are now well known, including : stress relief, better sleep, developing a strong focus, more emotional balance, boosted immune system, more self-discipline, and more(!). Today’s busy world is asking us to focus externally more & more every day. We must balance this with our innate inner guidance & understanding, to perform at our best in every moment.

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Mindstate Programs

Individual appointments are available for introductory sessions, yet longlasting transformational change and uplifting experience can be achieved by spending more focused time together. Mindstate Programs (Coaching, Mentoring & Meditation) include 1-hr weekly sessions for : 6-weeks, 3-, 6- & 9-month engagements.

The longer we connect, the more the growth level you can achieve. The bigger the results. The deeper we can dive to spring you up even higher.

When focused time is shared, removing blocks of all types is possible so you can be confident to take your foot off the brake and really unleash your infinite potential with courage, in the face of any fears that come up.

Longer engagements also include email and chat availability outside of weekly sessions, along with personal development worksheets, testing for truth-finding evaluation, accountability & insight for trackable reflection & growth.

Referral program & Student discounts

Discounts are available for referrals that lead to bookings. Receive discounts on your own sessions or gift them to others. Students can receive discounted rates, so they can benefit as well.

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YouTube @mindstate_one

Videos about how to manifest like a master, daily meditations, affirmations & more! 
For up-to-date scientific research from the leading neuroscientists, ancient wisdom from the world’s greatest philosophers & masters, feel free to check out the many Resources available on-the-go! Audiobooks, eBooks & more!

Supporting families around the world

A monthly donation goes toward supporting Cambodia’s children & families through the CCDO. Improving education, sanitation, living standards, creating work & trade opportunities and community building has been experienced by & supported by Brian on-site. So many are being lifted out of hard situations, you can feel great about working with Brian since you are supporting CCDO as well. Thank you for your kindness, compassion & showing up!

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About Brian

Mindstate is run by Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) & Mentor, Brian Bibi. Also a Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT) with 20 years of practice, reaching kundalini activation & Samadhi / Nirvana. He co-creates with clients to bring forth their infinite potential that resides within us all, so they can perform at our best, in today’s rapidly changing world.

Having independently travelled through 35 countries, 33 states of the US, spoken with monks, yogis, pastors, people from 123+ countries and hosting more than 3,000 travellers in his home, Brian sees the world as a ‘playground that provides incredible education’.

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