A Path to Peak Performance

Don’t let the amount of work you are facing at the start of the week overwhelm you. Develop grit to persevere & produce like a master. Let’s learn how to.

In the pursuit of perfection, we find excellence along the way. So what gets us there? Grit & perseverance. Expect obstacles, plan for them, so when they appear, you can overcome and achieve success. It’s a simple formula, yet by going deeper look into what grit is & how the brain plays a major part in all this, we can build a firm foundation for sustainable growth. So we lean into two inspiring books, one by Angela Duckworth, ‘Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance,’ and Sian Beilock's ‘Choke’. Then we explore 5 strategies to ignite & unleash our full potential, to harness our inner power & perform at our best in any challenge. Let’s go.

The illuminating science of grit

Grounded in scientific research, grit is defined as the combination of passion and perseverance in the pursuit of long-term goals. Angela’s research shows that grit is a better predictor of success than talent or intelligence alone. That’s quite groundbreaking. Her studies reveal that people with high levels of grit are more likely to succeed in various aspects of life, including education, career, and personal relationships. So by adopting strategies to cultivate passion and perseverance, we can enhance our ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success in every aspect of our lives. Awesome. We have a key to peak performance here.

In Choke, Sian explains how cognitive factors influence performance when placed under pressure. Her research highlights the impact of stress and anxiety on cognitive functioning, often leading to ‘choking’ or underperformance in high-pressure situations. By understanding the mechanisms underlying choking behavior, individuals can implement strategies to manage performance anxiety and optimize their mental state for peak performance.

By integrating Angela’s insights & research on grit and Sian’s work on performance psychology, we see we can develop a holistic approach to personal development that can support us to rise up even higher. By cultivating grit, it enables us to set and pursue meaningful goals with passion and perseverance, while understanding what’s influencing our performance and focusing even better to overcome all that arises along the way. Stepping fully into empowerment, managing stress & anxiety more effectively, creating better performance, results and greatness we all strive for.


Strategies & practices for increasing grit:

  1. Define what drives you: Identifying those special activities that light you up and fuel your motivation is exactly where we start. What’re you passionate about? These highly-charged, personal activities align with your values and it feels great to engage in them. Pursue them with enthusiasm and dedication. Consistently. Give more of your energy to them & watch them grow.
  2. Define your why: By having a clear sense of purpose and direction, understanding your why and having it powerful enough that its both a motivator & shining north star for your to follow, you can stay focused in the trenches to persevere in the face of all of it. Set a goal worthy of your potential. Then follow it to completion.
  3. Failure becomes feedback: Adopting a growth mindset is key. Removing any concepts that are fixed from our mind and begin to view failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. No one is perfect. No one perfect it the first time. Its a life of trial & error. Embrace it. Instead of getting discouraged by setbacks, you can use them as valuable feedback or data in your experiment, to refine your creation, improve your skills and create something even better on the next round. Life is for learning and we learn by doing. So hop in, get messy, be ok with the process & #injoyitall.
  4. Develop resilience: By facing adversity with courage and determination, that you can achieve whatever you are facing, builds resilience. You can practice a few techniques like: positive affirmations, positive experience visualisation, and even mindful awareness in the moment to focus your energy & the mind on the task at hand and not allow it to wander and start worrying, thus draining energy that can be used more productively to overcome obstacles and bounce back stronger than ever. Fan the inner flame with focus.
  5. Let go of the outcome: By shifting your focus from outcomes to the process of mastering the activity you are focused on is key. That way we fully embrace the journey of continuous improvement that’s in front of us, we can injoy ourselves along the way, allow messy moments to learn from, smile when we learn and understand that the win is coming, no matter what, because you are dedicated to making it so. Then true satisfaction can arise. The victory can be greater than tht goal ever dreamed to be. Then you can surprise yourself on how much greatness you really can achieve. Simply focus on the process and making the small steps, great ones.


The wrap-up

By embracing the power of grit and the inner power inside you, peak performance will be yours with laser focus and consistent effort. Follow your passion, dedicate to living your values, know you can overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and watch your full potential come to life. Remember that greatness lies within you already, waiting for you to ignite that next level of amazing, so you can achieve even more on the way to the top. With grit and determination, you have the power to conquer any challenge and achieve extraordinary success. Go get ‘em!

Any questions or comments, feel free to connect. And let’s all commit to build up girt together!


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