About Brian Bibi

The good, the bad & the awesome…

Professional Coaches, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, oh my!


Brian grew up with a professional coach, multiple teachers, entrepreneurs & two pastors in the family, which has helped considerably to make him the man he is today.

Brian’s brother excelled in sports early and was the main focus of how Brian learned about the benefits of coaching firsthand. Yet Brian could throw a mean kick in his hayday!


Brian had the privilege of learning about coaching on & off the field, which set a solid foundation of importance for constructive, positive reinforcement, to create real change and improvement. He still utilises this basic programming to this day with much success. So it’s important to explore as much as possible to gather up as much brilliance as we can. Only then can we can teach from a place of real knowledge & experience, imparting wisdom into the world around you.

The Earth is a school & playground

Originally from Michigan, Brian Bibi has independently travelled through 33 states of the US, 35 countries, Brian has spoken with monks, yogis, pastors & people from 123+ countries and hosting 3,000+ travellers in his home, Brian sees the world as our collective school, with an amazing playground, & everyone in it, as family.


Extreme is big, scary fun. Let’s do it.

Whether its flying a hang-glider over the Swiss Alps, paragliding above or taking a submarine under the Spanish island of Tenerife, climbing and peering into a live volcano (Mt. Etna, Sicily, Italy), swimming with three sharks in Tampa or performing a New Years Polar Bear Dive with his son, Brian injoys pushing the limits of the body, mind & spirit to continue his journey of expansion that gets his heart racing and keeps him in the moment!


Learning from the great ones

Reading over 400+ books on personal development, along with 10+ years of informal mentoring experience with clients, Brian has supported hundreds of people to discover their deeper nature to create more meaningful experiences while carrying less stress & burdens in their everyday lives.

Yet it wasn't always sunshine & rainbows…

Also having been a slave-to-the-grind corporate workaholic with a poor work-life balance for 12 years, mentally avoiding lifes real challenges, escaping into drugs & alcohol, having his entire life crumble before his feet in his 30’s, feeling directionless AND having gone through the Dark Night of the Soul (three times) has given Brian the mental strength & resilience to move past the false beliefs & identities that limit the Self, to embrace his true limitless nature that is available in every moment.

His intuitive awareness & ‘quantum’ mindset further enhances his ability to inspire and uplift his clients to greater heights in their personal & professional lives.
By working with Brian over time, you can break free from unconscious patterning and create a life filled with joy, purpose, and unlimited possibilities, where you feel empowered to & can manifest the achievements you want in your life.

Brian is also a world-class, award-winning graphic designer & strategic branding expert. His 24 published children’s book are available on Amazon and his YouTube gaming channel had received 18-million views before the hack in 2018 (poof).

To read more, see Studio3B & his Amazon Author Page.

Brian injoys travelling (inside & out!), live music and is an extreme sports enthusiast.

Brian is a loving partner, uncle, brother, son & father to a teenage son, and lives outside of Utrecht, near Amsterdam, NL.