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Certifications & Experience


Certified Heroic Coach

Some are calling HEROIC the best self-development platform in the world. So Brian became a coach with them over a grueling 300 day journey that finished with a 5km 20 obstacles Spartan Race completion. It was worth every bead of sweat. Move from theory to practice to mastery, by integrating ancient wisdom, modern science & practical tools, to show up as the best, heroic version of ourselves. And today’s the day, Let’s go!


Certified Virtual Coach

150+ hr Virtual / Future Coach training with Eben Pagan & Annie Lalla was completed online. Real-world application has brought this practice to a new level where he can confidently teach from his wealth of personal experience, scientific knowledge & ground-breaking tools, to better his clients on their path to increased health & well-being.

Master Certified Life Coach

Having received a formal accreditation creates the trust that your time is being used efficiently & effectively to give you the best return on investment of your time & resources. This extensive program provides real-world teaching experience, ongoing mentoring experiences from the industry’s best and a coaching community to further develop and receive assistance as the practice continues to grow.

ICF Accreditation

Being accredited by the gold standard of coaching at the International Coaching Federation (ICF) solidifies Brian’s commitment to excellence and providing a premium quality service for his clients. Brian holds the ICF Code of Ethics as his own.


Samadhi (Absolute Bliss)

After an extensive period of 3 months straight of 2-3hr meditations per day, Brian successfully activated his Kundalini energy, thus achieving the state of Absolute Bliss of Samadhi/Nirvana. Lasting 1.5 hours in this expanded state, the residual afterglow lasted for months to come. This profound experience is an integral part of his meditation teaching practice, giving freely from unconditional love and joy.

‘Select’ Design Mentor

With an approval rate of 3 out of 10 Mentors accepted, this is a prestigious honour to be able to support the global design community online with free mentoring for all graphic & visual designers. Brian’s 23-year experience as a Creative Director and award-winning Graphic Designer is being passed on to the next generation, so we all can benefit from the accelerated growth from having a mentor guiding the way to even better design solutions for the world to injoy.


Certified Mindfulness Mentor

Brian has also completed his Mindfulness Mentor certification with Banyan’s Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield. A millenia of mindfulness mastery are meeting sciences’ latest discoveries to create a space of acceptance, compassion and self-mastery for all. Leading & mentoring groups towards self-mastery through inclusion, deep inquiry & shared curiosity.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Having completed an intensive 100+hr Meditation Teacher Training course at Sarvaguna Yoga in the Himalayas (Dharamshala, India), with Course Director : Dr. C. Keshava Murthy*, Brian has taken his 20-year meditation practice to a new level where he can confidently teach from his wealth of personal experience & scientific knowledge, to better his clients on their path for holistic health & wellness.

* Dr. C. Keshava Murthy : M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.(Psy.), M.A. (Sanskrit), M.A. (Advaita Phil.), M.Sc. (Yoga), P.G.D.G.C. Spiritual Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher & Healer.

The course is accredited by Yoga Alliance, an industry-leading accreditation organisation for health & wellness worldwide.


Ongoing Mentor Coaching

Brian has / is receiving mentoring from Master Coaches including : Brian Johnson, Eben Pagan, Annie & Sacha Lalla, Sam Gozo ACC, Daniel Olexa MCC & Warren McKee. His dedication to creating profound change in his clients, starts with himself.


Currently finalising Quantum Clairvoyant training with Master Lady Kira Raa, for expanding the ever-present intuitive guidance for enhanced clarity, accuracy & compassion. Accessing greater universal wisdom & abundance by establishing a more conscious connection with the Quantum Field for instant manifestation and tangible blessings in one’s life.

Learning is a life-long process. Receive it all as a blessing.

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