Creating Magical Mondays Infused with Positivity & Joy

Got a case of the Mondays? or even the Sunday scaries? By starting off the week with these 4 practices, your week can evolve into something extraordinary.

For some, Monday represents the start of a new week, a fresh beginning filled with potential and opportunity. However, for many others, Mondays bring up feelings of dread and resistance, marking the end of the weekend and the return to a routine they don’t injoy. Some reluctant minds start the night before, to snowball the effect even more. Yet, with a different mindset and progressive approach, Mondays can be transformed into days of inspiration, motivation, and can feel magical. So let’s explore a few strategies and practices to create magical Mondays and start your week full steam ahead!

The psychology of perspective

From an overarching psychological perspective, our attitudes are shaped by our beliefs and thus create our realities. The phenomenon known as the ‘Monday Blues’ is due to many factors, including stress, fatigue, and a lack of motivation. Why do we feel this way? It could be the domineering boss piles it on, the annoying colleague, or the fact that working remote has caused a huge downshift in your productivity because of the half-dressed, pyjama bottoms outfit that has infected the mind to only be half present as well. In either case, research in positive psychology suggests that our mindset plays a crucial role in shaping our experiences and perceptions to the point of becoming our identity itself. So by changing how we perceive Monday morning, adopting a positive mindset and reframing our thoughts, we can create a sense of excitement and anticipation for the week ahead. The challenges and struggles become opportunities for growth. Let’s see how we can make change happen.

Practices to create magical Mondays

  1. Intentional visualising: Starting your Monday morning off by setting positive intentions for the day and week ahead is a must for physically creating the outcomes we’d love to experience in our lives and and supporting us to stay on track for our big goals and life path. This is a quick & powerful practice. Simply get present in the now & bring your whole self to the show. Close your eyes and visualise your perfect day from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. Feel what it’s like to go through those moments and see in your minds eye all those different experiences. Really feel them. Live out your perfect day before it begins. Give it a 1-minute run through. Done. Feel free to add onto this practice with creating a few affirmations or mantras that focus on the most challenging part of the day for you, so you can show up strong, ready & willing to serve with your greatness. This practice can guide your mindset with positivity towards creating a masterpiece day full of strength & joy. Give it a try for a week, track the results and watch for synchronicities. Then reflect at the week’s end and see… are you better for it? If so, great. Your new visualisation habit is working, feel free to continue & have fun with it! What can you dream up & watch it play out!
  2. Energetic morning rituals: Establishing a morning routine that creates the energy that you’d love to show up with today is a keystone practice. The rest of the day can be for serving others, yet the mornings are just for you. Here’s how I start my days : Upon waking, I smile. This creates the first release of serotonin, responsible for our peace & relaxation feelings. I command the brain & nervous system to give me what I want (joy) with a simple action of being joyful, happy to be awake & home in my body. It then responds in kind. Then I move into 30-minute mindfulness meditation, focusing on the breath at the nostrils and connect to the space between the thoughts. The space between the story. This is where your center lives. This is where you can find inner wisdom & who you truly are. Deliberate morning practice as a reminder, of the infinite power within that supercharges the body and rejuvenate the soul & mind. Radiance awaits you. Next it’s into some light stretching with yoga, because the body hasn’t moved in 8 hours so we get the body moving, let’s go. Now that we’re up, its time to get the sunlight on our eyes with a quick walk outside, get the fresh air in our lungs and get the blood flowing. Then its back inside for a 20-min strength training workout, which can give us up to a 12-hour mood boost, so in the morning is key, and then a half litre of water down the hatch, a cold shower to liven up the body once again and off we go to the desk at 08:30, energised & ready to rock it!
  3. Being grateful for all of it: Having an attitude of gratitude is key for creating more of what you want in your life. Wherever your thoughts & feelings go, energy flows. So by expressing appreciation for the opportunities and blessings in your life, you more of it can come back to you. Negativity simple creates more of itself through your focus. Try it out, you’ll see, it works with anything. So the opposite is then also true. So let’s focus on building up the amazingness we can create by simply spending a few moments each Monday, during all those in-between moments, in the bathroom, on your commute, prepping for a meeting, whatever, to reflect & give thanks for all the things you're thankful for. From health, to great relationships, challenges, learning moments and more. Practicing gratitude can shift your focus from a victim to an empowered creator, which can enhance your overall well-being.
  4. Growth focus: Approaching Mondays, and everyday, with a growth mindset, viewing obstacles as opportunities for learning, growth, and self-improvement, can literally get you off the hook from any inner judge that’s criticising your daily decisions & actions. If it’s all winning or learning, then as long as we find the lesson, its actually only a winning experience. Expect pain throughout the growth process. It’s so much better than creating suffering by becoming stagnant. All seeds start out growing in the dark, yet they do not question which way to go or if they should at all. They just grow. So feel free to embrace a lighter mindstate, where learning is part of the process, and growth will come from it. Simply embrace challenges and setbacks, to find the valuable lessons within the experience, that create more personal and professional development. Being grateful for all of it can work here amazingly well. Simply adopt a curious and open-minded attitude towards new experiences and challenges, to embrace the journey of continuous growth and evolution. Thats all life is : winning or learning. So grow with the flow!


With an empowering mindset and energetic practices in place, Mondays can be transformed from dread to magical inspiration, wonder and possibility. By setting intentions, visualising your masterpiece day, giving yourself the morning to energise the body & mind, practicing gratitude, and focusing on growth, you can create a tidal wave of positive momentum that carries you through the week with enthusiasm and joy. Embrace the magic of Mondays and unlock the potential for a week filled with creativity, productivity, and fulfilment.

Have a great week, I’d love to see you in the comments and tell us how you start off your week to be the greatest yet!


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