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How to Create a Life of Joy & Satisfaction

In our quest for a balanced life, we can struggle to juggle it all. Life can get so complex, with patience flying out the door and wits meeting their end. So then… what do we do?

In this article we’ll lean into the Inspiration from Matthew Kelly's two books : ‘Off Balance’ & ‘Perfectly Yourself’. We’ll shift our focus from pursuing the general ‘work-life balance’, into the journey of creating a life filled with joy & fulfillment. You up for that?

Then we’ll explore practical strategies to create more joy in our daily lives, enhance well-being, and thrive in all areas of our lives. Let’s go!

Trade in the ‘work-life balance’ concept for ‘satisfaction’

Matthew Kelly challenges the traditional notion of work-life balance and encourages us to seek personal and professional satisfaction by aligning our actions with our values & priorities. And who wouldn’t think that’s a great way to go? It’s all life isn’t it? So, a satisfying life is the key to develop here. Let’s create that.

Matthew straight up tells us the meaning of life in ‘Off Balance’: “The first principle is simply this: you are here to become the-best-possible-version-of-yourself. It would seem clear that you are not here to become the second-rate-version-of-yourself. Nor are you here to be another version of your parents, teachers, friends, or siblings. At some very basic foundational level you are here to be yourself. Being yourself is much more difficult than most would suppose, however, because it requires the real work of self-discovery. Nonetheless, in this you share a common bond with all men, women, and children, for we are all here to become the-best-version-of-ourselves. The best way to live, therefore, is in such ways that help you become the-best-version-of-yourself.

Everything makes sense in relation to the first principle. Life is about saying yes to the things that help you become the-best-version-of-yourself and no to the things that don’t. It is not more complicated than that. Of course, we manage to complicate it quite a deal more. On a different plane of thinking the concept becomes a thing of beauty, for we finally realize that anyone or anything that does not help us to become a better-version-of-ourselves is just too small for us. What liberation and joy we experience when we make this truth our own for the very first time.”

Amazingly clear and ready to actualise. We can find our best self through focusing on creating a life of joy and purpose. That makes life fun & meaningful. Two qualities of a fantastic experience.

Then to really bring it home, Positive Psychology research shows the importance of cultivating joy & fulfillment, as essential components of well-being. Studies show that people who experience a sense of purpose & meaning in their lives, are more likely to have better physical health, stronger relationships, and greater overall happiness. And who doesn’t want more of that?Let’s go for that, bigtime.

So here are 3 practices to support our momentum & progress in developing our capacity for joy & fulfillment to bring our best self to the show.

Daily practices for more joy & satisfaction:

  1. Find clarity: Star by answering these honestly: What do you injoy about your life right now? What 3 things would you change for the better? What life do you really want? What’s holding you back from that life? Then with those insights, its time go about deleting what isn’t supporting us and adding more of what we want in our lives. Big changes are possible when we are able to wield the sword of destruction wisely, along with the watering can for growing the seeds of our future life. #Injoyitall
  2. Name & live your values: Funny how it starts with us isn’t it? We have to get clear on who we are, why we’re here and what we stand for, what we will not allow and what our mission is. That’s all at the core of our time here. Giving some time to identify your core values and priorities in life is a seasonal must. They can change with the seasons, so it’s important to look at them every few months. Shift and adapt as needed. No worries, you are transforming and not sitting still, this is part of the process. Simply reflect on what truly matters to you and align your daily actions with your values to create a life that feels authentic and meaningful. What are your core values? Mine are : Wisdom, Discipline, Love, Courage, Gratitude, Hope, Curiosity & Zest. I state them every morning to remember who woke up that day and what we’re dedicated to being & expressing. Let’s go Hero!
  3. Momentary awareness & gratitude: A daily mindfulness & gratitude practice, even if its something as simple as placing a smile on your lips can be enough! Done enough times and acknowledged with a true moment of awareness, grace and thankfulness, sure! Now do that all day. Can you be thankful for everything? That’s master level right there. Staying in the moment, being fully present and giving thanks. So simple & yet so powerful. Your perspective changes. Your insta-reactions & triggers turn to moments of observation that drive wise responses. Stress reduces. Anxiety lessens. Aggression disappears. You become lighter & more magically You. Formal techniques like deep nostril breathing, meditation, and even mindful eating, savouring your positive experiences, and expressing gratitude to others for their kindness and support can change your life so big.

The wrap-up

As we conclude our exploration of creating a life of joy and satisfaction, feel free to integrate these 3 strategies into your daily life. thats who theyll work best, through daily practice. Everyday we start over, so having these practices in our lives on a daily basis is key to ground our lives in the things that bring us joy & satisfaction, day in & day out. By prioritising joy, gratitude, self-care, and meaningful connections, you can create a life that aligns with your highest values and brings you long-lasting peace & happiness. Remember, the journey to add more joy to our lives is an ongoing process. Every new moment presents new opportunities to live authentically and embrace the beauty all around us. Do your best to #injoyitall. the good bad n the ugly. Halleiluya!

Any questions or comments, feel free to connect. And let’s all commit to building up joy together!

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