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Mastery Mindstate Program

Get laser-focused, to access the flow state with ease & double your productivity, innovation & creativity.

12 Week Program, 9-Module Course & Community

Launching :
13 June 2024

This program is more than a course

This program has been skillfully crafted with your personal development & well-being at heart. Reach states of creativity, flow, efficiency & innovation like never before.
The 3-parts of the Mastery Mindstate Program

Your resident Performance Coach & Mindfulness Mentor, Brian Bibi, is leading the group through the 12-week course, as you’ll venture deep into mastering the fundamentals, to make your past successes your new baseline.

You can be matched with a Mastery Buddy, so you both can go through the course together, keep eachother accountable and gain a new friend who knows what you’re going through in the process.

In the Telegram private community, we can share, like, comment & really engage in the greater community conversations.

Brian Bibi on being laser focused at will

Brian Bibi, MCLC CMT
Certified Performance Coach, Mindfulness Mentor & Meditation Teacher

Brian Bibi has been working out at the mental gym for more than 20 years. Honing his skills, abilities & mental strength to create laser focus at will. This has become one of today’s most valuable assets.

Brian Bibi understands there’s a war on mastery underway, and it’s being fought with distraction. How can you ever achieve mastery in your chosen field, when you’re constantly distracted & unable to focus?

Brian Bibi understands that the key to a great life is based around the strength of your attention. It is the new currency of the information age. How will you spend your fortune?

Brian Bibi focuses on building up the fundamentals like a muscle group, to create incremental positive change, that compounds over time, so you can be stronger & more resilient during chaos, to make powerful choices towards creating the reality you so desire.

Brian Bibi’s coaching style is both structured and relaxed, using humour and light-heartedness to guide the way towards excellence & strength of focus.


Proudly certified by these leading coaching institutions


Certified Heroic Coach, with world-class coach, Brian Johnson

Certified Virtual Coach, with world-class coaches, Eben Pagen & Annie Lalla

Master Certified Life Coach, accredited by the gold-standard International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Mentor (MMT) with Banyan, Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield's Program

Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT) with Sarvagunya Yoga, Dharamshala, India

Brian’s Laser Focused Creative Accomplishments

Graphic Design awards (USA)
Design magazine features
Kids books published
Platforms with digital products
YouTube channel views
Business sold to US tech company

Digital Products Available At :

Honoured Design Clientele :


The 12-week Mastery Course Curriculum

Connect with your tribe / Grow together as one

Weekly group calls

The weekly group calls will have 3-weeks of theory & practice, then 1-week of recap & integration. We’ll go deeper and deeper together as you authentically rise. Share your challenges, celebrate your wins, bring your questions & experiences and watch as the group rises to support you on your journey as well. You don’t have to do it alone. Rise together!

Gain a mastery buddy

You get to develop an accountability relationship with another MMP participant from the start. Set-up an independent weekly call & partnership, to keep you both on track and hopefully that develops into a life long supportive friendship, that part is up to you. Let the universe surprise you!

The Mastery Mindstate Community

Our dedicated Telegram group

Receive & give support for your like-minded peers moving through the course & program along-side you, at their own speed.

As the activity grows, we can be supporting eachother through the journey to pulling out more strength and wisdom together. Introduce yourself, and get to know others so you can support them on their journey to self-mastery & peak performance as well!


Don’t wait another minute to get focused.
Your life depends on it.

This program offers major positive impact on your well-being

And that’s just from 1 of the 9 modules of the Mastery Mindstate Program!
Increased focus & concentration

Mindfulness meditation has been found to enhance attentional control and cognitive function, leading to improved focus and concentration by Neuroscientists. (Frontiers in Human Neuroscience)

Enhanced emotional regulation

Regular meditation has been associated with increased emotional resilience and the ability to regulate emotions effectively, leading to greater emotional well-being. (Frontiers in Psychology)

Enhanced sleep quality

Meditation has been shown to improve sleep quality by reducing insomnia symptoms and promoting relaxation. Better sleep contributes to overall physical health and well-being. (JAMA Internal Medicine, 2015)

Strengthened Immune System

Research indicates that meditation can boost immune function, leading to a stronger immune response and improved overall health. (University of Florida College of Medicine)

Increased well-being & life satisfaction

Meditation practices have been linked to greater subjective well-being and life satisfaction, promoting a sense of fulfillment and contentment, especially during a worldwide lockdown. (Springer NatureSpringer Link)

Increased self-compassion

Meditation practices, have been found to create greater self-compassion and self-acceptance. By cultivating kindness and understanding towards oneself, you can reduce negative self-criticism & enhance emotional well-being. (Mindful)

Important dates

The Mastery Course begins Th 13 June @ 16:00. Every module will be presented weekly as you progress with integration breaks throughout. The group calls are a safe container for inquiry, going in-depth, Q&A sessions, sharing & anything that springs up for the group around the subject of focus & mastering the practices.

The inaugural group call begins 07:00 PST [US] / 10:00 EST [US] / 16:00 CET [EU] / 19:30 IST [IN]. If you can’t make the live call, replays are available in the members area within an hour of airing live.

The course dates are as follows : 13, 20 & 27 June, 04, 11, 18 & 25 July, 01, 08, 15, 22 & 29 August 2024.



Included bonus when you join today

The Joyful Stress Masterclass

Ever felt weighed down by stress, but wondered if there could be a brighter side to it? There is! A way to harness its power, to find joy in the chaos. Dive deep into the art & science of stress relief, and uncover how you can transform stress from a daily burden into a source of joy & ease. True mastery isn’t about eliminating stress. It's about understanding it, embracing it, and channeling it to discover the joy that's been there the whole time.

The Alchemising Anxiety Masterclass

Are you tired of anxiety dictating your every move? Do you long for tools to manage anxiety naturally, without relying on medications? Well, I've got something special for you! In this transformative masterclass, we'll dive deep into the science of anxiety, unraveling its mysteries, and exploring how it impacts our lives. Designed to empower you with practical tools. Receive 10 holistic techniques and transformative exercises. You'll learn to shift from fear to empowerment, from overwhelm to gratitude, and ultimately from anxiety to self-mastery.

The Intelligent Insomnia Masterclass

We've all wrestled with sleepless nights at some point in our lives. Tossing, turning, mind racing while the hours go by with the ticking time bomb clock edges closer n closer to morning… How about we end this once & for all. a clear path to blissful nights and sleep mastery awaits! Uncover 10 powerful ways to transform your sleep, backed up by the latest science from the leading experts. Plus 3 mindfulness practices, designed especially for quieting the inner chaos and reclaim your nights to wake up to a life of energised tranquility.

The ReFocus Webinar

Stressing out from multitasking? Learn how to delete distractions & get laser focused, with the latest in neuroscience & practical strategies to get you in the flow state & double your productivity by up to 80%, with this world-class approach and delete the distraction of multitasking once & for all.

Become a Mastery Mindstate Program member & begin your transformational journey of self-mastery today!


What you receive:


Connect with Coach Brian : A personal assessment session with Coach Brian, lasting 1.5 hours, taking place before or during the first 4-weeks of the course. This creates an in-depth understanding of your personal situation, creating guidelines & focal points, so you can maximise your time in the Mastery Program.


9-Module Course : 9+hours of theory, strategies & practices, broken up into 9 modules over 12 weeks, to get your mind, body & spirit working together in harmony so you can focus like a master, to access the flow state & achieve more productivity, innovation & creativity than ever before.

Live Recorded Training : The program will be taught live on Zoom to the group 1 module per week for 1-hour. If you miss the live call, it will be recorded & uploaded into the member area, along with the course module workbooks. This adds another level of fundamental development to your mastery toolkit to explore at your own pace during the week. These compound your development over the course of 12-weeks & beyond.

Course Module Workbooks : A guidebook per module (9 in total) with supportive instructions, exercises, strategies, visualisations, techniques, infographics, formulas, habit trackers, worksheets, assignments, definitions & more to boost your practice into mastery will be provided. Broken down into bite-sized chunks, so you can develop & compound your development over the 12-week course.

Course Certificate : Add to your growing list of accomplishments, with the Mastery Mindstate Course : Completion Certificate.


Group Coaching Every Thursday : 12-weeks of group calls to complete the course. The group calls are an open, safe container for inquiry, going in-depth, Q&A sessions, sharing & anything that springs up for the group around the subject of focus & mastery.


Supportive Online Community on Telegram : Connect, share your experience, ask questions, provide support, do the weekly challenges together, connect to masters-in-training from around the world as you grow & progress into the best version of yourself, mastering all aspects of your life!


4 Bonus Masterclasses & Webinar : These bonus mini-courses & webinar on varying topics such as stress & anxiety management, creating great sleep habits, world-class productivity guidance & more, are available to go through on your own time.

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