The Incredibly Important Practice of Meditation

“The ultimate reason for meditating is to… transform ourselves so that we can become better human beings and serve others in a wiser and more effective way. Meditation thus gives our life the noblest possible meaning.”

Why Meditate? by Matthieu Ricard

As science progresses, so does the understanding of how the brain interacts with the body. The latest science tells us that neuroplasticity continually changes the state of the brain in response to the amount of new activity input. Learn something new = create a new neural pathway that can strengthen over time into a habit, behaviour, pattern & eventually a personality trait. Thank you science! I’m in.

So… mindfulness, altruism and other virtuous characteristics can be hard-wired into the brain by consistently  acting on them and reinforcing positivity around the activity, over the period of one month. Literally every thought and action we take changes our brain towards that thing we think & do. So by deliberately practising a certain skill, myelinates our neurons so that our desired behaviours become more habitual and second nature / instinctual. This is mastery.

(some) Benefits of Meditation

• Develop strengthened power of attention

• Increased emotional balance, altruism & inner peace

• Boost the immune system

• Soften the mind and strengthen your control of it

• Turn bad moods into freedom from suffering

• Become emotionally stable and self-disciplined

• Remain centered in your constantly shifting reality

• Remove mental blocks and obstacles

• Cultivate self-love, forgiveness and gratefulness

• Release your bodies ‘feel good’ chemicals at will

Meditating 20 minutes a day over 6-8 weeks can :

• decrease anxiety

• decrease vulnerability to pain

• decrease tendencies toward depression and anger

• increase ‘present moment awareness’ where your power resides

• positively transform how you think, see & feel towards yourself & the world

• begin to let intense emotions flow through you safely

• build up an inner strength to unpredictable external events

This and so many more can enhance your life’s experience!

So the real question is : Why not meditate daily?

Join the Meditation Live Stream

Hop in live or join when you can…

Over the years, Brian has come in contact with many different types of meditation. Some have resonated more than others, yet all have showed promise and an enhancement of localised skills, mental agility and turning on dormant gifts.

There was also that one time, when Brian hit the state of Absolute Bliss in Samadhi in 2018 and was literally laughin’ in tune with the Laughing Buddha and weeping from the absolute resonance of Unconditional Love that was available from Mother Mary. That state lasted 1.5 hours and the feeling of it, resonated for months after.

Himalayan tradition Meditation

Monday – Friday 06:30 CEST
YouTube @mindstate_one

Every weekday, Brian will be live streaming a ‘Himalayan tradition’ meditation practice for 1-hour.

What we do :

• Deep breathing techniques (pranayama): ± 30min
Hand postures (mudras) that support healthy circulation
• Learn to sit properly (asana) for a comfortable experience &
• Mindfulness meditations to calm the body, mind & spirit : ± 30min

By using this set of calming techniques, meditation becomes easy. Anyone can meditate and achieve what their heart desires. Be that peace, relaxation or even enlightenment. Yet lets start at the beginning, by simply showing up & honouring yourself by dedicating time just for your mental, emotional & physical well-being today.

Join in, subscribe & feel the magic within!


6-stage Visualisation Meditation

Monday – Friday 06:30 EST (US)
YouTube @mindstate_one

Every weekday, Brian will be live streaming a ‘visualisation’ meditation practice for ± 25-minutes.

In this 6-stage meditation, we move through different areas of focus to bring about peace & tranquility in the body, mind & spirit. This meditation originated from Mindvalley and has been modified for an even more optimised experience.

What we do :

• Connect to the light
• Gratefulness practice
• Forgiveness practice
• Daily intention
• 3-year intention
• Feel your amazing energy

Visualise your best life and watch it manifest!

Stay tuned for upcoming courses, workshops, retreats & more!

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Get clarity with a Personal 1-on-1 Consultation

The journey of meditation can bring up wild, unpredictable and very interesting visions, emotions, fears, memories, thought forms, connections and more.

This can be scary for the first-time internal explorer. If at any point along your journey, you’d like to discuss what is happening, with someone who has lots of experience, feel free to get in touch and make an appointment so we can take a look together, in a safe, non-judgmental space and surround your experience with love and kindness so you can transcend it.

You can choose a 20-min consultation to quickly share where you are, so we can create understanding & insight around your unique experience. This is great for first-calls & quick questions.

For longer, deeper introspection, we can better go into detail with a 1-hour consultation. We can share experiences, hear what ancient wisdom & modern science has to say as well, along with the intuitive insight that can come through when in the flow together.

Whatever is coming up in your meditative practice, we can honour it and love it into surrender. We got this.

For up-to-date scientific research from the leading neuroscientists, ancient wisdom from world-class philosophers and thinkers, feel free to check out the many Meditation Resources available on-the-go!