Mindulfness Mentoring

Where ancient wisdom & modern science create ‘infinite potential’

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed with a colleague?

Struggling to find a healthy work / life balance?

Are you motivated to take action, yet unsure of your next step?

Let’s get you back to thriving in a big way.

Hi, I’m Brian and I understand how it feels… I’ve been there, many times, and come out victorious again & again.

Yet sometimes we need extra support to get out of a rut, to see things from a different perspective and simply feel heard 100%. I provide you with a a safe space to acknowledge your fears, challenges & vulnerabilities, so you can get back to moving forward towards your dreams with sustained energised passion.

Brian Bibi, MCLC (Master Certified Life Coach)
Supporting entrepreneurs, creatives & professionals, in both personal & professional lives, to optimise themselves & reach their infinite potential.

Mentoring vs. Coaching, what’s the difference?

Mentoring is Coaching+. You are guided throughout a process of figuring out what you want to achieve, how to get it and committing to a plan, yet has the added benefit of outside master perspectives that can illuminate the situation from the inside and offer up ideas that can open everything up in unimaginable ways.

I’ve received education from the world’s greatest minds, world travel, growing multiple income streams over the past 2 decades, including a 6-figure business, along with countless personal growth experiences to become an invaluable resource on the personal & professional journey.

Intuition plays a big part with mentoring as well. Feeling what is needed for growth in the moment and communicating it with empathy and compassion, adding the right amount of water for client growth to take place. 

Receiving practical strategies & solutions to overcome obstacles can be expected. The big ‘wow moments’ seeing into your dreams, of the expansive amazing future that lies ahead is an extra cherry on top. Receive clear direction, actionable steps and tailored advice from stories & brilliant minds that align with your goals, to feel more empowered to make confidently, informed decisions, that you move closer to your desired outcome.

Once we relieve the issues causing the stress & anxiety, we can get you unstuck & can get on to unlocking your infinite potential, in both your personal & professional life. Uplevel your skills & mindset to make the meaningful changes to release what no longer serves you, so you can leave the hugely impactful legacy you came here to do.

I believe in your genius 100%.

I know you can do it.

Let’s make your dreams a reality.