The ‘Alchemising Anxiety’ Masterclass

Learn to Navigate Life’s Toughest Challenges with Ease

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Go from Theory to Practice to Mastery with this simple to follow and highly educational masterclass. We dig into the science behind anxiety, how to harness its raw power for good and techniques to increase Joy in your life so crippling anxiety can be a thing of the past.

The tools, techniques & exercises outlined in this masterclass serve as a strong foundation for reducing anxiety and to initiate & sustain an experience of ease, to spiral up at any stage of the anxiety cycle.

50 minutes+ of science, mindsets & exercises to transform anxiety in the moment, into your powerful ally. Don’t leave home without it. #injoy

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The ‘Alchemising Anxiety’ Masterclass Summary


~ What is Anxiety?
~ Anxiety causes
~ What happens in the body
~ Anxiety symptoms
~ What too much anxiety can do
~ Anxiety statistics & more from leading global experts & scientists


~ 10 ways & 3 exercises to holistically & naturally relieve anxiety, to move into empowerment, confidence, gratitude, self-mastery & more Joy!

We will move from Theory to Practice to Mastery, together. Don’t miss it.

Recorded Live 25 Nov 2023