Programs & Pricing

The Mastery Mindstate Program

Video Course & Community coming soon…

6-week Transformational Coaching/Mentoring
In this program, we have one, 1-hour session per week for 6-weeks. This creates a foundation for growth by removing the programs that no longer serve you and adding supportive ones that do.

We create the vision of your ‘infinite potential’ and work towards it every week, closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We hold you accountable to your commitment to the process and we celebrate the significant results along the way, making strides to bring your goals within reach.

Recommended reading, ancient wisdom texts, modern scientific research and intuitive insight is offered up, to up-level the mind to become your biggest supporter, along with encouragement and a safe space for all of your experience to be honoured & ultimately transcended in victory.

3-month, 6-month & 9-month engagements
We set bigger goals and milestones. We dive deeper to spring higher. You are more closely supported with email & chat in-between weekly calls. We team-up more fully so you can overcome even more.

Extras : You are provided with a full online library of guidance & worksheets for personal & professional evaluation & reflection that can provide significant, trackable growth, in-between calls.

Referral Program

When you refer someone & they book a paid session with Mindstate, you receive 33% off your next 1-hr session. WOW. You can compound your discounts (3 referrals = 1 free session) & also can gift the savings on to someone else of your choice. Simply let us know what you’d like. Discount codes can be provided for use on the site.

Individual appointments :

20-min Laser Coaching Session : $ 45
These laser-focused sessions can get you moving fast. Leave with concrete steps to move forward on projects, issues and anything in-between.

1-hour Transformational Session (Coaching & Mentoring) : $ 111
This is great for initial calls, used mainly with new clients to test the service and compatibility. We combine our energy to create the insight & necessary steps to move forward. Intuitive insight, ancient wisdom & modern science is also available & offered up during Consulting sessions.

Variable pricing :

20-min Introductory Coaching Session : Review in 24h
This is great for first-time calls & introductions. Leave with concrete steps to move forward on projects, issues and anything in-between. The energy exchange is a 20-min session for an ‘honest review’ delivered via chat or email within 24-hours.

Students (18-25 years old) : $ 61 : Imagine having a personal coach when you were in school. Now students can. Receive 40% discount on 1-hr coaching & consulting sessions. Email for more information.

All other clients are at full price. Have a pricing issue you’d like to discuss, Email and tell us about it. Let’s see what we can co-create.