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The ‘ReFocus’ Webinar

Learn how to increase your productivity by up to 80%, with this world-class approach and delete the distraction of multitasking once & for all, with Brian Bibi, Performance Coach & Mindful Mentor

LIVE : Thurs 23 May

1 hour incl. Q&A

At the ‘ReFocus’ webinar, you’ll have access to…

Setting You Free

~ Multitasking decreases productivity(!)
~ Exercise : See it in action (bring a stopwatch!)
~ Attention residue is real & so guard against it

Distraction Discipline

~ Discovering your burning why
~ Exercise : Two life lists
~ Plug the leaks
~ Exercise : Identify, Remove, In-joy

Your 21st Century Superpower

~ The brain’s secret mastery sauce & how to make a ton of it
~ A 2-step daily practice to get you more focused, disciplined & productive

Q&A session

~ 10-15 minutes to answer your questions
The strategies & exercises in this webinar provide a world-class approach to increase productivity by up to 80%. Let’s move from Theory to Practice to Mastery, together.

23 May 2024 @ 7am PST / 10am EST / 1600 CET

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What people are saying…

“I partnered with Brian to rethink and rewire my ideas and feelings around using social media… Brian helped me with identifying where my negative and rejecting feelings towards it came from and helped me with rethinking it to instead approach it as a helpful tool for growth. We then established an action plan. The coaching session was illuminating and initiated the rethinking and shift in me. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to work with Brian. He is very nice and holds safe and non-judgemental space. I felt supported throughout the whole session and can certainly feel the hoped for effects.”


Smilla Junkerjürgen, Fashion Design Student

“I had an amazing session with Brian! He is listening very well, then summarises what I've told him before and mirrors my mind, so I can see it from another perspective. Where I had some fear, he just analysed the facts, so I could see, that my mind makes this up and my fear is not based on real facts. Where I had doubts he created confidence. He raised my awareness by untangling my thoughts towards more clarity. I think clarity is my outcome of this session! I can fully recommend to have a session with Brian!”


Jörg Förstner, Programmer / Massage Therapist
Tenerife, Spain

“Brian… really thinks with you and makes sure you feel empowered. To work your way through what you wanna do, he asks the right questions… he makes sure that you get clear with yourself, using everything you already possess. I believe he can show you what you are capable of and reminds you of your success. In my case the latter was very prominent I've found that I already got what I need and have tools to make it happen and what a boost that can give! Thank you Brian!”


Shirley Gonzalez Asensio, Dance Student
Eindhoven, NL

“Brian was brilliant at helping me identify the root cause of an issue that was holding me back. He then asked relevant questions to help me come up with my own solutions to address it. He listens carefully, brings a laser focus to the issue at hand and uses humour and a sprinkling of intuitive magic to help you get clarity about what is really going on. I felt fully heard and understood, and was excited by the insights I received as a result of the session. I thoroughly recommend him and will be using him again!”


Rowena Swallow, Intuitive Energy Healer
Isle of Wight, UK

Brian Bibi on being laser focused at will

Brian Bibi, MCLC CMT
Certified Performance Coach, Mindfulness Mentor & Meditation Teacher

Brian Bibi has been working out at the mental gym for more than 20 years. Honing his skills, abilities & mental strength to create laser focus at will. This has become one of today’s most valuable assets.

Brian Bibi understands there’s a war on mastery underway, and it’s being fought with distraction. How can you ever achieve mastery in your chosen field, when you’re constantly distracted & unable to focus?

Brian Bibi understands that the key to a great life is based around the strength of your attention. It is the new currency of the information age. How will you spend your fortune?

Brian Bibi focuses on building up the fundamentals like a muscle group, to create incremental positive change, that compounds over time, so you can be stronger & more resilient during chaos, to make powerful choices towards creating the reality you so desire.

Brian Bibi’s coaching style is both structured and relaxed, using humour and light-heartedness to guide the way towards excellence & strength of focus.


Proudly certified by these leading coaching institutions


Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT) with Sarvagunya Yoga, Dharamshala, India

Certified Mindfulness Mentor (CMM) with Banyan’s Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield

Master Certified Life Coach (MCLC) accredited by the gold-standard, International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Certified Virtual Coach, with world-class coaches, Eben Pagan & Annie Lalla

Heroic Coach, with Brian Johnson, certification ongoing (May 2024)

“Brian met my son for the first time and within minutes he understood the fear and anxiety that my son goes thru on a daily basis and gave him a quick 10-minute coaching session that will help him for the rest of his life. I can’t wait to see how much more confident my son becomes with Brian’s help… ”


Tad Webber, General Manager

“Get your life on track! (With a little help from an expert!) Seriously, it helps to have a voice in addition to the one in your head keeping you straight and moving towards your goals, big or small. I’ve worked with Brian Bibi. He was a tremendous help with some big decisions.”


Rick Winburn, Police Officier

“After a couple recent calls with Brian, I have experienced his work this way: Brian has a unique gift for recognizing, understanding, isolating, and describing the many different mental and emotional constructs that we move ourselves through as part of being humans. It's helpful to work through things alongside someone that is able to break things down like Brian can.”

Mike Vanderwoude, Realtor & Entrepreneur

“I had a coaching session with Brian on Thursday 12 July 2023. Brian was very receptive and understanding. Thanks to his intuition and experience, Brian guided me in organising my ideas to take on a new business challenge without compromising my priorities. I was able to better understand the way I wanted to move forward in the particular goal we discussed during that session. I highly recommend Brian as a Life Coach, especially in the field of pursuing a healthy balance in the personal and professional lives of female entrepreneurs.”


Mariana Le Cocq-Bravo, Bravo Language & Communications
Petit Raffray, Mauritius

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