Transformational Coaching

Struggling with self-doubt and losing momentum?

Collaboration challenges?

Transitioning careers and don’t know where to go next?

If you’re ready to let all that go… then let’s get you back on track & unleash your greatness.

When connected with your authentic, ‘personal IP (Infinite Potential) address, life gives way to the power you express from within. You see life’s opportunities in the moment & make conscious decisions on the direction of your life. You flow in tune with the world around you and life becomes much smoother.

I support entrepreneurs, creatives & professionals, in both personal & professional lives, to optimise themselves & reach their infinite potential.

The trials & pitfalls that await you, are a part of the journey. It’s not meant to be easy. When you need support, I can be that non-judgemental sparring partner & coach, you can rely on, for support to excel to new heights in both life & career.

For entrepreneurs, life and work balance can be incredibly tricky. For creatives, becoming a mindset master is key, to develop and expand into your most expressive self. Even for working professionals, office dynamics can create stress, and learning how to navigate it all well is crucial.



Is Transformational Coaching for you?

Coaching is for you…

If you are looking to create :

• more self-awareness & clarity
• strength & courage to live life fully
• more conscious & aligned choices
• better performance that lasts
• an infinite world of possibilities to choose from
• strengthen personal skills & effectiveness
• more control & meaning in your (work) life
• a balanced work / life experience
• less entertainment of doubts, fears & overwhelm
• less stress & anxiety

Coaching is not for you…

If you are looking to :

• stay stuck
• not explore outside your comfort zone
• talk about your past
• only be ‘causally committed’ to your goals
• hear about solutions that’ve worked (see Mentoring)
• talk mostly about other people
• play the victim
• play small


What is pure Coaching?

Coaches partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process, inspiring
& optimising, personal and professional potential. Coaching is a client-driven process.

The coach’s responsibility is to:
• Discover, clarify & align with what the client wants to achieve
• Encourage client self-discovery
• Elicit client-generated solutions & strategies
• Hold the client responsible & accountable

The coaching process support clients in improving their outlook on work & life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their infinite potential.

How is Coaching different?

Coaching focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes & managing personal change. So how is that different from other support professions? In very simplified terms…

Therapy deals with healing an individual or relationship, through focusing on the past, to improve wellbeing. Coaching focuses on the present and visioning the future into reality, by supporting personal & professional growth, based on self-initiated change & action. The coaching relationship emphasises action, accountability & follow-through.

Consultants call in experts in their respective field. They can diagnose, prescribe and even implement brilliant solutions. Coaches see that individuals / teams are capable of generating their own solutions, so they supply supportive, discovery-based approaches and frameworks to bring about change for the better.

Mentors are experts who provides wisdom & guidance from their own life experience. This can include advising, counselling and coaching, yet coaching does not include advising, mentoring & counselling, clients create their own solutions with great support from experienced coaches.

Trainers can create programs based on objectives they create. In the coaching process, objectives are set by the individual / team being coached, with guidance from the coach. Training also has a linear learning path that follows an curriculum. Coaching is less linear, more organic & has no set curriculum. Coaching is custom, every time.